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The Vestry

In the Episcopal Church, the Vestry is a group of dedicated lay leaders of the parish who are responsible both for the spiritual health of the community, including the calling of clergy, and the fiduciary concerns of the congregation, including the budget and real property. They meet monthly to discuss and plan the life of the parish and review finances. The six vestry members are elected to three year terms, with two concluding their terms and two new people elected each year at our annual meeting. The group also includes officers, with Wardens working closely with the Rector in the leading of the parish. Meetings are chaired by the Rector or, when the Rector is absent, one of the Wardens.


Cindy Dolan

Senior Warden

Jane Stormes

Junior Warden


Eric Foote, Clerk

Gwyn Murray

Nicole Stroud

Ron Vallo

Jennifer Maresca

Kathy Fastoff

Susan Murphy