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The St. Stephen’s Food Cupboard, located at 84 Ehrhardt Rd. in Pearl River NY, has been in operation for over 40 years. Run by volunteers from the church, it assists families in need who reside in Rockland County. The pantry is open the first Thursday of the month starting at 7:30 p.m., but also provides emergency food upon request the rest of the month. No appointment is needed. For more information, please contact the Church Office at 845-735-8888 or ​

Distribution Dates:

Thursday January 4
Thursday February 1
Thursday March 7
Thursday April 4
Thursday May 2
Thursday June 6
Thursday July 11
Thursday August 1
Thursday September 5
Thursday October 3
Thursday November 7
Thursday December 5

Important: Presentation of an ID is required to receive food. For fairness to all, only one set of bags per address/household


The food cupboard depends on county, state and federal grants to supplement the private donations from parishioners and local institutions. Over the past three years the number of recipients has more than doubled; on average, the pantry now serves upwards of 60 families monthly.


While the ultimate goal of the St. Stephen’s Food Cupboard has always been not to have to turn anybody away, the pantry is also striving to provide its clients with nutritious food. In the past, thanks to grants from the federal and state governments, the pantry has been able to add fresh meats and dairies to the staple food that it normally distributes. As the food pantry tries to expand its capacity for assistance, it also feels strongly that all clients deserve food that contributes to the basic health and offers good nutritional value.


We believe that "outreach is a ministry without an end or a conclusion. There will always be more that we can do, more needs to be met, more money needed, more time to be spent. It has to be viewed as an ongoing commitment, with success measured in small steps, one day, one event, one cause at a time." In this spirit, we appeal to all Rockland residents, organizations and legislators to provide their support in helping those in need in our community.

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