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Stewardship 2023

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Better Together!

Thank You


To our St. Stephen’s family,

At St. Stephen’s we believe that every pledge campaign begins and ends with gratitude.  Going into our 2023 Stewardship program we knew that this year would be different from other years in terms of what was being asked of us as individuals and as a church community as we began our new journey.

We thank you for your pledge.  We were inspired by your generosity, by every act of love and kindness, by the seen and unseen work you have done and continue to do in the service of God.  We all shared the many  stories of struggling with uncertainty.  But we also knew that it is the God we encounter at St. Stephen’s and Jesus who we follow by recognizing him in each other, that keeps us together, that provides the consistency in our ever shifting world.  We are, indeed,  Better Together.

We know that every dollar  we receive as a pledge  has a face behind it, a story, a purpose, a mission.  And as we built our 2023 budget, presented at the Annual Meeting, we hoped you would  always be reassured that we will use your financial gifts to serve God, to care for each other, and to show our love for our neighbors. What greater gift can there be? If you are ever in doubt about the impact of your giving, look around our pews. Every person you see is part of the story of your giving.

Whatever other gifts you bring to God at St. Stephen’s – whether time or treasure, whether modest or generous -we receive them gratefully and know they are more than enough in the eyes of God.

The ministry and mission of St. Stephen’s  takes place because of the spiritual and financial gifts you share. Thank you again for your generosity. 

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