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Office Administrator

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church

84 Ehrhardt Rd. Pearl River, NY 10965

(845) 735-8888


The Office Administrator is a key person in the organizational functions of St. Stephen's congregation. That person directs the physical operations of the church office and plays an important role in communication and coordination of church activities and in supporting paid and volunteer office staff. 


1. Available for 10 hours per week on-site 

(During COVID, arrangements for some off-site hours can be made.)

2. Experience with financial instruments, e.g., Quick Books

4. Effective interpersonal and communications skills

5. Previous experience with basic website management OR willingness to learn

Salary and Schedule

This is a part-time, hourly position at the rate of $15 per hour. No benefits. 

Schedule varies by needs and availability.


  • Responsible for the day to day physical operations of the church office includes: inventory control of office supplies, allocation of the Church and Office Budget, and assurance of a pleasing atmosphere for visitors, members and staff.

  • Ensure master calendar for all church rental activities is updated and maintained.

  • Answer phone and email correspondence, passing along important information to the Rector. Monitor voicemails and distribute information to the correct party, maintaining confidentiality where needed.

  • Administer a semi-monthly payroll and record and file such information with diocesan payroll administers each pay period and with the I.R.S. quarterly.

  • Keep records on all personnel of St. Stephen’s Church.

  • Responsible for handling employees benefit packages, i.e. deductions, payments, interaction with representatives for medical, dental, worker's compensation, tax deferred plans, etc.

  • Maintain the church's accounting by recording receipts, paying Finance approved bills monthly, delegating expenses to appropriate funds.

  • Receive rent monies and issue receipts to outside groups utilizing the facility.

  • Inform groups of insurance, liability needs and renewals.

Duties Performed

Financial Records and Reports

  • Record monthly receipts on a weekly basis and deposits for Operating, Memorial, and Capital Accounts. These monies are counted and deposited by Vestry (board) members.

  • Pay bills and record disbursements monthly.

  • Balance accounting monthly with banks for Checking, Savings other funds as directed.

  • Administer payroll semi-monthly, i.e., post and total each payroll period.

  • File Quarterly withholding Tax Form with the Federal Government

  • Complete and distribute W-2 Tax Forms for employees at year end in cooperation with Parish Treasurer, except in cases where diocesan support staff issues them. 

  • File Year End Tax Forms along with W-2 Tax Forms to Federal and State Government.

  • Charts and collects all monthly rental payments for groups, i.e., 12-Step meetings, Girl Scouts, private rentals, etc. 


Office Equipment and Supplies

  • Oversee daily and weekly maintenance of office machines.

  • Assure follow through on maintenance agreements or contracts.

  • Manage stock of office supplies.


Personnel Records

  • Create a file for each individual employee which should include any information relating to that employee from the first day of employment.


Communications and Technology

  • Work with the editor of the weekly newsletter to pass along any pertinent information and learn the system on Constant Contact for the event of special announcements to the congregation.

  • Work with the Rector to learn basic upkeep for the parish website, including the upload of digital files.


Other Duties

  • With the onset of Covid-19 in 2020, other duties may include work on digital preparation for meetings and worship, coordination of schedules to limit contact with others, etc.

  • Other duties as assigned by rector may from time to time be required. These duties will not infringe up the hours agreed to in employment agreement or the guidelines laid out therein. 


Interested parties should send cover letter and résumé to The Rev. Kyle T. Martindale, Rector of St. Stephen’s, by mail to the parish or email.

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