First, we would like to welcome you! We hope that this page is helpful. Please feel free to contact, Fr. Stephen, with any questions that you might have.

Staying in the loop
If you have a Facebook account please feel free join our group. You can also provide join our mailing list by visiting the main Visit page above.

Becoming a Member
For Christians, the most important "membership" we have is our membership in the Body of Christ, offered through Holy Baptism. All are eligible for this membership, there are no dues, and it never expires. 

*To be a member of St. Stephen's is to take up the responsibilities of Baptism through the worship, mission, and ministries of this church: to pray, work, and give at and through St. Stephen's for the spread of the Kingdom of God.

*Pray. Make prayer with the gathered community a part of your personal spiritual practice by participating in Sunday and/or weekday worship whenever you are able.

*Work. Look for a way, however modest or ambitious, to offer your time and talents in God's service as we seek to share the love of Jesus Christ with each other, our city, and the world. 

*Give. Prayerfully commit a portion of your personal or household budget to our common life and ministries by making an annual financial commitment.

Interested in becoming a member? Please contact, Fr. Stephen by email or phone. or 845-735-8888

In The Episcopal Church, all baptized Christians are welcome to receive communion.  If you don't wish to receive communion, you can still come forward for a blessing by simply cross your arms over your chest while kneeling at the alter.

Little Angels
Toddlers that are potty-trained and small children are welcome to be apart of our Little Angels.  They will be in a classroom with a teacher who follows the message of the day and holds a small service for them in the chapel.  They will come into the sanctuary after peace and sit with their teacher and classmates for the remainder of the service.

*72% of our budget is from pledging and plate offerings received on Sundays.
*Our pledging is completely anonymous.
*The benefit of pledging is twofold: it makes concrete your commitment as a Christian, as well as helps the church create the budget we have for the year.
*If you pledge you, will receive a box of envelopes and a tax write off each year.

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